Our Science labs are all well equipped with Modern Equipments. Students enjoy their Practical Classes thoroughly. Both students and Teachers love the freedom to observe, experiment and create. The teachers guide them about the various methods of conducting the practicals. Students make different projects and these projects help in the classroom instructions. Sometimes discussions & seminars are held. In these seminars projector slides are shown which help student to understand the basic concept.


    Our Maths Lab is quite a colourful room. It is filled with Charts, Models and Gadgets inorder to facilitate and engage the students in wide variety of learning experiences. Students from classes V to X take part in various activities like paper folding and paper cutting which help to clarify the simple geometrical concepts to complex concepts of theorems for class X. The Teachers - Students interaction helps the Children to be Innovative and Responsive.


    The Geography lab is an extremely happening place of our school where students make models of different land forms and other aspects of Nature with the help of clay, wood, thermocol and other materials. The lab is well equipped with a series of Maps, Globes, Variety of Survey equipments like Plane Table, Prismatic Compass and Chain Table. We also have weather instruments like Aneroid Barometer, Dry and Wet Bulb thermometer etc. CDs related to different topics are also kept in the Lab. We train our Students by field Survey on socio economics issues and inform them about physical changes with the help of G.P.S. and G.I.S. available on Net.